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Cocktail Season

8 Aug

When someone asks me what my favorite season is, I usually say, “The first two weeks of every season.” But I’ve been doing some soul-searching, and while there are few things more glorious than the changing of the seasons, my real answer is summer.

One of the reasons I love summer so much is the endless supply of fresh, juicy, sweet produce. And cocktails. Lots and lots of cocktails. And combining the produce with the cocktails. I do it all the time, but rarely take a moment to capture my masterpieces in mixology. But last night, I did.

Strawberry Lime Ginger Basil Champers


1. Take:

    • 1 handful of strawberries (about 6 medium-sized ones) *Or some raspberries! Or pitted cherries! Or whatever!*
    • Juice of ½ a lime
    • 1-2 teaspoons grated ginger
    • 1 bunch of fresh basil

2. Pulverize in the food processor (or blender, if you’re into mediocrity). It should be a kind of foamy, syrupy juice.

3. Put some ice in a glass.

4. Pour your fruity mix over the ice (as much or as little as you want).

5. Fill up the rest of your glass with Champagne (or sparkling wine/Cava). You may need to gently stir it a little.

6. Garnish with a basil leaf and enjoy! Oh, and you WILL enjoy it.


Note: This post was originally published on my family blog.