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The Awkward Grow-Out Stage (or, Denial ‘Dos)

1 Aug

Inspired by this post from one of my favorite bloggers, Terra of Stylish White Female, here are some of my tricks for getting through it (AKA: Denial ‘Dos).

Faux Skrillex
This one is good if I’m having a good hair day on one side but not the other (it happens often).


Prom Style
I call this one “Prom Style” because it’s how I wore my hair for almost every formal dance in high school. I just grab pieces of hair and pin them up in half-swirls with wild abandon until it’s all up and off my neck. These days, I like to add a bright bandanna, which is decidedly not prom-like, but whatever.


Run-Around Sue
If I’m going for a run, I need my hair to be up and secure. I usually opt for pigtails because they just work better (and they’re fun to play with).


Twist Twist, Bang Bang
As much as I want to trim my bangs during this time, they need to grow with the rest of my hair (proportions!!!). This is how I get them out of my face. I like how my silvers are featured with this one.


The Usual
I think what makes hair look bad during the AGOS is the noticeable difference between the top layer and the bottom. To keep this from being so obvious, I usually pin the top layer back in whatever way looks best that day. This almost always involves a bang pouf.


What are some of your favorite “fake it til you make it” styles?


Hairy hair hair

18 Jun

I’m growing my hair out. And because I have to justify my decision to myself almost daily, I figured I’d post a bit about it here.

I had a pixie. It was kind of always my ‘do. I first got it in 9th grade (not counting when I had one when I was a little kid), and have kept it pretty much ever since. Sure, I grew it out to chin length a few times and even made it to my shoulders on one attempt, but I always went back. Back to the pixie. The last time I went from bob to pixie (in 2010), I felt so much more like myself. It wasn’t that I didn’t feel like myself with a bob—it just felt like a comeback when the extra hair was gone.


I went from this asymmetrical cut (which I loved, by the way, but the long part got very unruly)…


to this bob, which got quite a bit longer before I cut it to…

Nina pic

this and kept it here for a few years.

But such a short cut takes a lot of work. Not day-to-day work, obviously, since there isn’t much to do each morning, but the hair appointments have to be pretty regular. In order to save money, I would wait until my hair got long enough to drive me crazy (and stop behaving), and then I’d schedule an appointment for the next week. It was a great strategy, especially for someone who loves the experience of getting her hair cut and would happily go back every four weeks (or sooner).

For my last handful of cuts, though, I really struggled to get into my (totally awesome) salon. My schedule was packed and unpredictable, making carving out time for an appointment really difficult. Plus, paying for them was never painless (even if I was waiting a few extra weeks in between). And finally, I was starting to get curious about what I might look like with a longer ‘do and was getting anxious to try out new styles involving bobby pins, braids, elastics, whatever.

So, I made my decision: the hair is growing out. In the summer (whoops!). But I’ve already made a ton of progress (I can put my hair up in a mess of swirls with bobby pins again!). I just have to keep returning to my Pinterest board for motivation.



14 Dec

As promised in my Pinterest caption, I took this photo to the salon:




And I ended up with this:

new hair

Not bad, eh?

(Wish I could have gotten a better angle, but you get the idea.)