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3 Jan



I don’t really do New Year’s resolutions. I believe that if I want to make a change, I should just do it when I think of it and am ready! But, I understand how the start of a new year can be a great time to really feel ready.

This year, I’ve decided to make a resolution. Back in October, we celebrated Fat Talk Free Week. Well, I”m making 2013 Fat Talk Free Year (for me)! Fat talk does absolutely nothing for your body image or self-esteem, and it’s hurtful to society when negativity and unrealistic ideals are applied to ourselves and others.

It’s not going to be easy, but it’s definitely going to be worth it.

What about you? Any resolutions for 2013?


Happy New Year!

1 Jan

Here’s to the best year ever.

I see you!

1 Oct

I’ve been neglecting this blog for nearly a year. It was just out of morbid curiosity that I checked my stats, and what do you know–people still come to this thing! (Hi.)

So, here’s what I’ve decided. I’mma keep blogging here at Good Skin Day, but I’m going to take the blog in a slightly new direction. (Side note: the first time I watched Glee and someone said the group name, The New Directions, I totally thought they said “The Nude Erections.” Try not hearing that now.)

I’ll still blog about skin and the products created to make it more soft/hydrated/protected/pretty/etc., but since my time and monetary budget is severely limited when it comes to Good Skin Day R & D, I need to find more ways to expand.

And one of the ways I plan to do this is by discussing body image in general. I’m talking media literacy (Photoshop disasters, tabloid trouble), fashion for everyBODY, and nutrition and exercise.

Far too many people are unhappy with their skin–their bodies–and I completely admit that I’m one of them from time to time! So, Good Skin Day is about to become a place for positivity and health. Please chime in if there’s something you’d like to see or share on Good Skin Day!

Summerize Your Skin

30 May

be prepared!

After concentrating on caring for skin in the winter on this blog, I’m excited to announce that I will be attending a seminar on how to get my skin ready for summer this week! It will be held at a spa I went to about a year ago for an amazing massage (I haven’t been back because massages just aren’t in the budget), so I’m excited to find out what they have to offer.

I’m also a little concerned that it’s just going to be a sales pitch for some line of products that “real people” can’t afford. But, if that’s the case, at least they’ll have light refreshments (I’m imaging slices of cucumber– ha!), goodie bags, and opportunities to win things.

So. If you have summertime skin questions for a REAL expert, let me know and I’ll ask them on your behalf!

Outgrow Ingrown Hairs

21 May

So is it a mole or isn't it?? from

I went to the dermatologist the other day to get this, uh, growth checked out. It looks like a raised, colorless (well, the color of my skin) mole on my thigh near my knee. It doesn’t change shape, size or color, but I was concerned because it seemed to appear out of nowhere and then never went away.

 At first I thought it was a pimple, but it wouldn’t pop. And then I thought it was an ingrown hair, but that didn’t seem right, either, because I never noticed the beginnings of it. But, as it turns out, it’s scar tissue that probably started as an ingrown hair. These bumps are common on women’s legs (you know, because of shaving).

While I’m not planning to get my bump removed, I would like to prevent another one from forming, so here are some tips to avoid ingrown hairs:

  1. Don’t shave so much!
  2. OR shave more often, but do so very gently each time
  3. Shave in the same direction as hair growth
  4. Make sure your skin is warm and soft prior to starting
  5. Use a sharp, fresh razor (more on these later)

Does anyone have any other–perhaps non-shaving related tips on how to avoid ingrown hairs? How about what to do when you spot (or feel– ouch!) one?

I’m a loner, Dottie, a rebel.

19 May

Benefit Cosmetics San Francisco

I snagged a sample of Benefit’s You Rebel tinted moisturizer (SPF 15) a while back and finally tried it out the other day. When I first dispensed it onto to my finger I thought, “Oh no, this is going to be an oily mess.” But after applying it, I was pleasantly surprised. I admit that I was having a good skin day (cha-ching!), but the coverage was amazing. Even more phenomenal, and probably the best part, was that it made the makeup I put on top of it look SO GOOD.

Here’s what I put on my face:
1. Eucerin Everyday Protection Face Lotion for Sensitive Skin with SPF 30
2. Benefit You Rebel tinted moisturizer
3. Mary Kay powdered foundation
4. Rimmel London blush
5. Maybelline Falsies m

I skipped my Almay concealer for under my eyes, and probably could have skipped the powder foundation too, but it has become somewhat of a security blanket for me!

Some reviewers have mentioned that it smells bad. I actually thought it smelled really good! But when cosmetics smell at all, I get concerned that it might have added fragrance that will irritate my skin. I didn’t experience an issue, but then again, I only wore the stuff for a day.

I’m a fan of Benefit cosmetics. They really get the fresh, natural look that a lot of people—myself included—strive for, while still having some retro pin-up glamour injected (and their packaging– augh, I’m such a sucker). I think You Rebel is the perfect moisturizer for the winter when you’re feeling a little pale and can get away with using SPF 15 instead of something higher (you know, unless you’re skiing or something).

Soap: Clean or Mean?

17 May

How clean is TOO clean?!

Since starting this blog, people have been coming to me with their skin problems (challenges!). While I am by no means a medical authority on skin, I have seenand tried a lot and encourage discussion and experimentation.

In my most recent conversation about a skin challenge (a very mild form of eczema), we started talking about soap and the frequency with which we bathe. This particular gentleman said that he showers at least once, sometimes twice a day, and was very turned off by the idea of using the soapless cleanser his dermatologist recommended.

I know the first time I heard about soapless cleanser (or soapless soap, as I sometimes put it), I was both confused and intrigued. Intrigued because I knew soap could be harsh on the skin, but confused because how does something clean if it’s not soap?!

According to Cetaphil’s website (more on this in a sec), there are three main kinds of cleansers:

Made from sodium or potassium salts of animal or vegetable fats

Usually alkaline with a pH of 9 – 10 or higher
Soaps can irritate the skin, especially diseased skin because the skin’s pH is slightly acidic
Clear soaps, glycerin bars, contain alcohols, glycerin and sugar to produce a clear, soft bar
Forms a soap scum on the skin that can be irritating

Synthetic Bars
Contains synthetic surfactants as cleansing agents
Milder than soaps, pH is close to that of normal skin and therefore less irritating to the skin

Does not form a soap film on the skin

Lipid-Free (or soap-free) Cleansers
Contains glycerin, cetyl alcohol (moisturizing alcohol) and proplylene glycol
They don’t contain oils or fats
Provides a thin moisturizing film on the skin that is ideal for sensitive or irritated skin.
Cetaphil makes Lipid-Free cleansers so this breakdown isn’t the most unbiased info in the world, BUT, from my own research, it checks out. As much as I love those gentle, milky cleansers, sometimes I don’t really feel clean after use, so it’s good to know what’s at work in these products and what’s making you tingle from damage instead of cleanliness.