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When you don’t have jorts

9 Jul

I know I’ve been MIA/lazy-posting lately. I’m sorry. Things have been awfully busy, and while I could bore you with the details, I won’t. On to an actual post!

Did you notice all your (US) fashion blogs last week talking about 4th of July style? At first, I was like, “These are dumb. They’re all the same: red skirt (or cut-off jorts), blue and white striped shirt, and bright Converse or Superga sneakers.” But then I saw more and more of them, and my tune gradually changed to, “What am I going to wear on the 4th of July?” and then it changed once more to, “I have to make jorts before the 4th of July if I’m going to dress appropriately for the BBQ I’m attending!!!” So, I went through my closet to find the retired pair of jeans that would make the perfect jorts and discovered that I recently donated them.

I’m anti-buying jorts, and I wasn’t about to go buy jeans to make into jorts, so I skipped the “perfect 4th of July outfit.” And you know what? I looked FINE (said in a mid-90s high school movie way). We didn’t take any pictures, but here’s what I wore:

A maxi dress (in black and white) from Green Dragon (purchased at a now-defunct yoga studio in New Hope, PA)

A red bandana in my hair (a summertime staple for me, especially during hair grow-out phase)

And sandals from Old Navy.


Photoshop Before & Afters

29 Jun

I love looking at Photoshop before & afters, and I recently stumbled upon a blog with a nice round-up (featuring men, too!).

Here’s a little preview:


See the rest here!

Goddess In Progress

2 Jun

A friend of mine, Ms. Gingersnaps of Carolina Chow Chow, has recently enlisted me to be her personal stylist. She’s ready for a shift in her wardrobe–and I mean more than a shift dress! (Har, har, that was really bad. Forgive me?)

I’m delighted by the prospect of being someone’s personal stylist–especially someone as fun as Ms. Gingersnaps–but a whole wardrobe re-do? That’s pretty daunting. So we’re tackling the mission one event at a time.

The first event? A work dinner that recently took place.

She needed a chic dress, a cardigan, and shoes. She has a great jewelry collection, so even though that would have been fun, we didn’t need to get into accessories at all. Here’s what we found one day at TJ Maxx:


va va va voom!

She was incredibly happy, and made my day when she called on her way to the dinner to tell me how fabulous she felt!

…and what does a stylist do while their client is changing? Why, she takes selfies, of course!


jeans: Old Navy; shirt: thrifted (no tag); shoes: Minnetonka; scarf: thrifted (no tag); bag: consignment (no tag); bracelets: One World Market

Valentine’s Gams

14 Feb

Happy Valentine’s Day, readers! I love you.

So, I’m not wearing my funny red pants today, as I had planned. I’m both sick and INSANELY busy this week and just didn’t have the energy to put an outfit together around them. Instead, I’m rocking a pair of red Kate Spade tights that I got in a Valentine’s-themed care package from a friend! They’re really silky and luxurious.


Have a great one! Treat yourself…and/or your boo(s).

My Funny Valentine

7 Feb

I’m guilty of buying clothing not because it’s pretty or flattering, but because it makes me laugh. I love slipping into something that really *should* be a piece of a costume with a sly smile and timing how long it takes my husband to make fun of me for it (he secretly loves it).

In honor of Valentine’s Day (and because J. Crew Factory was having an AMAZING sale), I went ahead and bought a pair of bright red pants. They’re the Skimmer pant in wool:

They were final sale and I bought them online, so I did a ton of research on fit before taking the plunge. Based on my research, I decided to size up. And while I think it was the right decision, they are a bit baggy, so my plan is to embrace the “relaxed fit” when I style them. Here are some of my favorite looks with cherry red bottoms:


camel + red = classic. via


crazy print mixing. via


an icy blue or equally understated color. via

Have you jumped on the bright pants trend (that, admittedly, has been around for a while now)?

Totally Buggin’

6 Feb

YOU GUYS. 18 years later, we can finally have Cher’s outfit-creating computer program!! (It’s actually an app called Stylebook.)


Socially-Aware Shopping

25 Jan

Sorry for my unexpected hiatus, everyone! I’m fine; just needed a bit of a break from blogging!

Scarlet lipstick by Make via

Scarlet lipstick by Make via

When I opened my inbox and found a link to this gem of a website, I was shaken out of my blogless stupor and inspired to tell the world all about it!

We See Beauty is a shop of products (beauty, design, print, film, and well-being) in which the sales go towards supporting cooperative development. In other words, a portion of the sales goes to the We See Beauty Foundation, a nonprofit dedicated to helping out women-led, worker-owned organizations!

And it’s not just the business model that’s socially-aware: the products are, too. We See Beauty selects brands and artisans that produce goods that are socially responsible and in line with their vision of a cooperative movement.

Now that’s spending we can feel good about.