16 Sep

Where’ve I been?

I’ll tell you: I started a graduate program. It’s something I’ve been wanting to do for a very long time, and when I took a job at an amazing institution a little over a year a half ago, I decided to go for it. This particular program has funky admissions and enrollment deadlines, so it took some time before I was actually able to apply and get started.

But, the time came, and I started the program at the end of August. It’s part-time, designed specifically for people already working in the field, so I’m still at my job full-time.

In other words, this blog is going to suffer because of my schedule. I wasn’t sure if juggling work and school would make me want to blog even more (because I would want an outlet), or if I’d just be too busy to keep it up. Now that I’m a few weeks in, I know that the reality is, unfortunately, the latter.

So, in the meantime (which is indefinite), enjoy the archives and a have good skin day!

Thanks for reading!


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