The Awkward Grow-Out Stage (or, Denial ‘Dos)

1 Aug

Inspired by this post from one of my favorite bloggers, Terra of Stylish White Female, here are some of my tricks for getting through it (AKA: Denial ‘Dos).

Faux Skrillex
This one is good if I’m having a good hair day on one side but not the other (it happens often).


Prom Style
I call this one “Prom Style” because it’s how I wore my hair for almost every formal dance in high school. I just grab pieces of hair and pin them up in half-swirls with wild abandon until it’s all up and off my neck. These days, I like to add a bright bandanna, which is decidedly not prom-like, but whatever.


Run-Around Sue
If I’m going for a run, I need my hair to be up and secure. I usually opt for pigtails because they just work better (and they’re fun to play with).


Twist Twist, Bang Bang
As much as I want to trim my bangs during this time, they need to grow with the rest of my hair (proportions!!!). This is how I get them out of my face. I like how my silvers are featured with this one.


The Usual
I think what makes hair look bad during the AGOS is the noticeable difference between the top layer and the bottom. To keep this from being so obvious, I usually pin the top layer back in whatever way looks best that day. This almost always involves a bang pouf.


What are some of your favorite “fake it til you make it” styles?


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