When you don’t have jorts

9 Jul

I know I’ve been MIA/lazy-posting lately. I’m sorry. Things have been awfully busy, and while I could bore you with the details, I won’t. On to an actual post!

Did you notice all your (US) fashion blogs last week talking about 4th of July style? At first, I was like, “These are dumb. They’re all the same: red skirt (or cut-off jorts), blue and white striped shirt, and bright Converse or Superga sneakers.” But then I saw more and more of them, and my tune gradually changed to, “What am I going to wear on the 4th of July?” and then it changed once more to, “I have to make jorts before the 4th of July if I’m going to dress appropriately for the BBQ I’m attending!!!” So, I went through my closet to find the retired pair of jeans that would make the perfect jorts and discovered that I recently donated them.

I’m anti-buying jorts, and I wasn’t about to go buy jeans to make into jorts, so I skipped the “perfect 4th of July outfit.” And you know what? I looked FINE (said in a mid-90s high school movie way). We didn’t take any pictures, but here’s what I wore:

A maxi dress (in black and white) from Green Dragon (purchased at a now-defunct yoga studio in New Hope, PA)

A red bandana in my hair (a summertime staple for me, especially during hair grow-out phase)

And sandals from Old Navy.


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