Goddess In Progress

2 Jun

A friend of mine, Ms. Gingersnaps of Carolina Chow Chow, has recently enlisted me to be her personal stylist. She’s ready for a shift in her wardrobe–and I mean more than a shift dress! (Har, har, that was really bad. Forgive me?)

I’m delighted by the prospect of being someone’s personal stylist–especially someone as fun as Ms. Gingersnaps–but a whole wardrobe re-do? That’s pretty daunting. So we’re tackling the mission one event at a time.

The first event? A work dinner that recently took place.

She needed a chic dress, a cardigan, and shoes. She has a great jewelry collection, so even though that would have been fun, we didn’t need to get into accessories at all. Here’s what we found one day at TJ Maxx:


va va va voom!

She was incredibly happy, and made my day when she called on her way to the dinner to tell me how fabulous she felt!

…and what does a stylist do while their client is changing? Why, she takes selfies, of course!


jeans: Old Navy; shirt: thrifted (no tag); shoes: Minnetonka; scarf: thrifted (no tag); bag: consignment (no tag); bracelets: One World Market


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