Whole30: Results!

27 Mar

I did it! 30 days without sugar, dairy, grains, beans, or alcohol! And I feel…GREAT!

Here are the top five things I noticed throughout the process:

1. Snacking. Before the Whole30, I was snacking pretty much every hour, and was SO HUNGRY in between. Even with healthy meals and snacks, I just couldn’t stay full. It was especially difficult between breakfast and lunch. But during the Whole30, I didn’t need to snack between breakfast and lunch AT ALL (and this was noticeable almost immediately). I was sometimes able to wait until after 1:00pm for lunch! Being full = not being cranky or seriously crashing. And that was almost completely new to me. The only other time I’ve experienced something like this was when I was studying abroad in Costa Rica, eating local fruits, veggies, eggs and meat, and very few processed foods. Hmm…

2. Sleeping. Before–and for the first half of–my Whole30, I took a prescription-strength muscle relaxer every night. This is because, despite getting lots of sleep, I wasn’t feeling refreshed in the morning, AND my neck and shoulders would be so sore (painful to even touch lightly) for seemingly no reason at all. On the night of Day 9, I stopped taking the muscle relaxer and never looked back. I sleep soundly, wake up refreshed, and my muscles don’t ache!

3. Slimming Down. While this was not one of my goals, it certainly was a welcome byproduct! [Full disclosure: a lot of people combine Whole30 with an exercise plan. I did not. In fact, I worked out less than usual, but remained generally active.]

Before Whole30 my measurements were: 38″ bust; 32″ waist; 43″ hip (*insert catcall whistle here*). After, I’m at: 38″ bust; 31.5″ waist; 41.5″ hip

And I don’t know how much I weighed before I started (because I don’t typically weigh myself and forgot), but one week in, I weighed 152 pounds. I still weighed in at 152 on Day 30.

Not a huge difference by the numbers, but look at this:

I’m starting to wonder if I misread the scale the first time…

I’m putting slimming down at #3 because results 4 and 5 aren’t definite. But here they are anyway:

4. Energy. My fatigue is pretty cyclical, so it’s hard to tell if the Whole30 worked for me in terms of energy. But I will say that usually, over the course of a month, I have way more “down” days than I did over the course of my Whole30. Is it placebo? Maybe. But does it matter, if it works?

5. Skin. Like my fatigue, my skin issues are cyclical (if you know what I mean). But, said issues have been much more mild this time around and it seems like my skin is brighter.

All great results! Now it’s time to start the reintroduction and see what happens. Coming soon: FAQs.


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