Whole30 Halfway: On Treats

10 Mar

Originally posted to my family blog, here’s the latest on my Whole30.

Baltikahn Blogikahn

I’m halfway through my Whole30 and I feel great. But I’m not posting to talk about my results (so far) because it’s still too early to really tell what I’ve learned or what has changed.

I want to talk about bad days. And I don’t mean bad days on the Whole30, I mean actual bad days that just happen to occur while doing a Whole30.

Last week was really hard for me. There were little things that added up to put me in a foul mood: I lost a special ring, my car wouldn’t start, I had a very frustrating meeting, I overextended myself and was totally exhausted. I mean, I watched the last 10 minutes of an episode of Undercover Bosses and cried. I didn’t even get to see any character development!

While winding down at home each night, I wanted–felt like I NEEDED–a treat. Lots of treats. Ice…

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    […] the dessert cravings were a little intense–especially during a particularly rough week (see my post on treats)–and lasted until around day 20. But, I got over […]

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