DIY Narrow Cork Bulletin Board/Jewelry Organizer

15 Jan

Cork crafts have been all the rage for a few years. My husband and I have a lovely trivet my mom made from corks, and I started my own collection quite some time ago, though I wasn’t sure what I’d do with them.

A couple nights ago, I decided it was time to empty the cork bowl and put them to use. So I rounded up my supplies and got to work on a narrow bulletin board.



Corks (natural, synthetic, red, white, sparkling, whatever)

Knife (and cutting surface)

Hot glue gun and glue

Washer (1-2)


Glass of wine (because it’d be wrong not to enjoy some wine while working on this project!)



1. Cut up your corks! You can do this lengthwise (how I did most of them), or make little circles. I varied the heights of the sparkling wine corks.


2. Lay them out on your yardstick. Make a pattern! Or don’t.


3. Hot glue them down, like so:


4. Hot glue the washer to the top of the yardstick (for hanging). Add another to the the other end if you plan to hang it horizontally.


5. Hang it up!


6. Use the push-pins to pin up your stuff! I decided to use mine as a jewelry holder, because I’m more likely to actually wear my necklaces if they’re in plain sight (and a lot of them were in pouches in a shoebox). Here’s one option:


And another (my preference):


My new board freed up some room on my other DIY necklace holder:




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