Budget {Fashion} Blogging

11 Jan


Let’s talk about personal style blogs.

I’m pretty confident in my ability to dress myself (though I do have trouble matching up my buttons sometimes), but it’s nice to get inspiration from bloggers that post pictures of themselves (almost) every day.

The blogs I read feature ladies who are bold and creative, and I find their writing engaging. I also like that they feature items/looks that are attainable to someone with a budget like mine (for the most part). Sure, they might have a couple designer items (that they bought themselves or got as gifts), but they also shop places like Forever 21, Old Navy, and thrift stores.

When bloggers’ budgets are far and above what my clothing/accessory budget will ever be (whether I have the means or not)—or when they get countless freebies from labels and stores—I lose interest. Similarly, I have trouble reading fashion magazines because I find I can’t relate to them (among other reasons). BUT. There is one exception: a blogger whose taste is impeccable, and, from following the links she provides, it seems like she has the budget to back it up. Her outfits are beautiful—enviable, really—but for me, completely unattainable. And yet I can’t stop reading her blog and pinning her styles.

Maybe I’ll try to recreate some of her looks with my discount budget (and blog about it), hmm?

Discussion time! Do you read personal style blogs? How do you feel about their clothing budgets and how it affects their posts, overall blog, and readership?


One Response to “Budget {Fashion} Blogging”

  1. xoruby21 January 11, 2013 at 3:11 pm #

    I think that’s how I came to fall in love with blogs– the fashion! This also has not helped my shopping addiction at all. There are some blogs which I feel like are hard to follow because the items are pricey. THere are others where they may not be pricey but for a college student on a budget its almost impossible. There are also the ones that are from another country so their stores are different and add more $$ if I want it shipped to me.
    But despite all of this I still love them and keep reading. I use them as inspiration and just kind of create my own off what I see from theirs.

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