Let’s Get Physical (Therapy)

9 Jan


I’ve been pretty active my whole life. I started dancing when I was three, and in adulthood I took up yoga and running. And I’ve had injuries before, but never anything a little rest, ice, compression, and elevation couldn’t fix. But last month, after a run that wasn’t particularly demanding, I had some serious knee pain. I went to an orthopedist who found patellar tendonitis (no big deal, just some irritation and inflammation) and prescribed some physical therapy.

Hoo-boy! PT was serious! And so enlightening! I learned all kinds of things about my body and my habits just from my first one-hour session. I learned that my left knee trouble stems from issues with my right hip, making my left leg do wonky things to compensate. I learned that when I run, my knees are too close together and that I don’t have enough follow-through towards the end of the stride (my legs don’t extend far back enough). And more. So, I’ve got some exercises that mainly focus on strengthening my right hip so that the left side of my body doesn’t have to work quite as hard (among other things).

As I was learning about my body and the things I can do to “fix” it (some issues are anatomical and not fixable, but there are things I can do to work with I’ve got), I couldn’t help but think that such a session must be worthwhile for everybody. I would have loved an evaluation like this BEFORE I started running, instead of waiting to get injured. Regardless, I’m excited to get back on track with my workouts, bringing a new awareness of my body and movements.

Have you ever been to PT? Do you have any anatomical issues or maybe some bad habits that you’re aware of and constantly working on?


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