DIY No-Sew Infinity Scarf

17 Dec

*Update: I realized I forgot to post pictures of my finished product! Here they are:

I promise not to wear this shirt with it.

I promise not to wear this shirt with it.

perfect for the rain!

perfect for the rain!

Girl shirts, though soft, are incredibly thin and flimsy. Almost every single one of my t-shirts ends up with a constellation of tiny holes right near my belly button. Instead of simply throwing them out, I decided to recycle them into scarves.

All I did was:

1. Select two holey t-shirts from my closest

2. Cut the tops of them off, right under the ‘pits

like so

like so

I could have stopped there, because I had two tubes (two infinity scarves!), but I continued:

3. Knot the tubes together (get creative!)

4. Zhush (my new favorite word) the knot a little bit to look pretty

And that’s it!

Other ideas (since I’m obviously not the first to do this):

Any other ideas?


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