Today is World AIDS Day

1 Dec


During my 30×30 challenge, you saw that I wore my Until There’s A Cure bracelet a few times. When I was in middle school, I made my mom drive me to the mall so that I could buy one from The Body Shop. Since then, I’ve worn it on the regular.

I’ve been drawn to fighting HIV/AIDS since I understood what it was.

I started doing HIV education in high school, where I started off as a peer educator. In college, I volunteered at the Boston Living Center, a fabulous organization serving people with HIV (and their families). I taught sex ed (seriously!) for a few years in Delaware and Philadelphia, and now I work in HIV research at a fancy university.

Here on Good Skin Day, I talk about things I’m passionate about: skin care, body image, and fashion; but, I’m also incredibly passionate about HIV (and other infectious disease) prevention. I’m fortunate to have made a career of it, though if these diseases were eradicated, I’d be happy to pack up my desk and pursue something else!

So, since today is World AIDS Day and many of us are in the throes of holiday shopping, I’d like to suggest buying some do-gooder bling from Until There’s A Cure or making a charitable donation to an organization (HIV-related or otherwise!) that you’d like to help.

Happy World AIDS Day, everyone!

For more information on HIV/AIDS, click here.


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