30×30 #1: Rabbit, Rabbit, Rabbit, Y’all

1 Nov

Alright. I’ma do it: a 30×30 challenge. I figured what better day to start than November 1st? November has 30 days plus a holiday that for me, involves strategy: clothing for travel and lots of eating.

Let the challenge begin!
Although I haven’t had the time to pick out my 30 pieces, I did think about it this morning and selected an outfit with some pieces that I know I’ll want to repeat at some point this month. Here’s what I’m wearing:

  • Dress: Tulle (from ModCloth)
  • Thermal: Gap
  • Tights: George
  • Boots: Target
  • Pose: Awkward and totally exhausted

I think I’m going to have to impose some guidelines for this challenge. Like:

  1. Jewelry/accessories (including tights!) don’t count in the 30 pieces, but I will encourage myself to get creative with them as well.
  2. Neither do coats/jackets.
  3. Or workout/lounging around clothing.
  4. I cannot go shopping. (In the event that I experience a moment of weakness and buy something, I cannot integrate any new items into the challenge.)
  5. If I spill coffee on an item of clothing and ruin it mid-challenge (likely), I may swap a different item in to replace it.
  6. I will give myself no more than 3 cheats. (This is for special events/circumstances, such as a fashion show that’s coming up or needing to wear a different shoe due to a foot injury.)

Coming Soon: My 27 other picks.


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