Saving Money vs. Looking/Feeling Good

26 Oct

dream closet. [Source:]

Saving money and looking good aren’t mutually exclusive, but sometimes they feel like they are, amiright?

I’ve been having a really hard time getting dressed lately. It’s been a theme for the last few weeks, and I blame the following factors:

  • The weather. Don’t get me wrong: I LOVE the change in seasons. But it means we have 50-degree mornings that turn into 80-degree afternoons. How’s a girl supposed to dress?
  • Weight gain/loss/distribution changes. Clothes just fit differently when your body’s different (breakthrough of the year).
  • Old clothes. Kind of piggy-backing on the factor above, old clothes lose their shape (or their buttons), and generally become harder to wear and style.

Despite having done some shopping recently, I’m still not really happy with my wardrobe. I find myself saying things like, “More blouses! I need more blouses!” and “These pants only work with one pair of shoes” while attempting to clothe myself for the day. I end up going through several outfits, usually ending up with the first one I put on anyway.

BUT, when I look at my closet, there certainly isn’t a shortage of clothing. And my family has other, more important things to spend its money on (like a house). Sure, these pants are kind of high-waters (and not in a fashionable way) and I can only wear my lowest sneakers with them, but I’m dressed. I look fine, even though I don’t feel my best.

On one hand, I want to buy new clothes that look nice, fit right, and make me feel like a million bucks. Feeling good (as a result of loving my outfit) is something I truly value.

On the other hand, I want to appreciate and re-work my current wardrobe without putting any money into it because it needs to go elsewhere right now.

Have you ever tried one of those “shop your closet”-type challenges? One of my favorite style blog(ger)s, Kendi Everyday, has a 30×30 Remix Challenge, which is where you make 30 outfits from 30 items of clothing in your closet. An added challenge is to give up shopping during this time (or, I guess, if you do go shopping, anything you buy cannot be incorporated into your 30–I’m trying to be reasonable here!).

Should I try it? Should you?

One more piece of Kendi love: I was scrolling through her Fall 2010 30×30 posts and have to say that a lot of what she wrote is really inspirational/helpful! She’s got gems like:

There is no such thing as a perfect wardrobe, there is only such a thing as your wardrobe. Be who you are, buy what you need (and can afford), and wear those items creatively. Be in the closet you are in and be happy with what you have.”


“… style isn’t something you buy, style is something you create. It reminds me that I have enough and with a little bit of creativity I can have even more.”

This was a long post. Sorry about that.


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