Getting Real

11 Oct

I’m a big fan of Project Runway. One of my favorite challenges every season is the makeover challenge, where the designers have clients who are “real” people. Without fail, there’s always at least one designer per season who throws a fit about how they’ve “never designed for a real person and shouldn’t be expected to do it because I’ll never have to do it again and where is my model?!”

The real client of this season’s offender. []

But this season, our dear host Heidi Klum made a good point: “Are models not real people?”

Real person, Heidi Klum [Barbara Nitke]

I’m guilty of this. To me, “real” people are people who aren’t famous/rich enough to have all or most of the following:

  • a nutritionist
  • a personal chef (or special formulated meals that get delivered)
  • a personal trainer
  • lots of time to work out
  • a stylist
  • hair/makeup artists
  • (not to mention professional Photoshoppers, when applicable, but I won’t get into that)

When designers complain about dressing “real” people, what they really mean is overweight (or even a healthy weight but not teeny tiny), short, curvy (in the “wrong” places, or sometimes anywhere at all), or not whatever it is designers want. But when it comes to bodies, every body is real, and everyone has things they like and dislike about their bodies.

So, I’m going to stop saying things like “real women” and “real” people” because, let’s face it, Heidi’s right: we’re all real.

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