I see you!

1 Oct

I’ve been neglecting this blog for nearly a year. It was just out of morbid curiosity that I checked my stats, and what do you know–people still come to this thing! (Hi.)

So, here’s what I’ve decided. I’mma keep blogging here at Good Skin Day, but I’m going to take the blog in a slightly new direction. (Side note: the first time I watched Glee and someone said the group name, The New Directions, I totally thought they said “The Nude Erections.” Try not hearing that now.)

I’ll still blog about skin and the products created to make it more soft/hydrated/protected/pretty/etc., but since my time and monetary budget is severely limited when it comes to Good Skin Day R & D, I need to find more ways to expand.

And one of the ways I plan to do this is by discussing body image in general. I’m talking media literacy (Photoshop disasters, tabloid trouble), fashion for everyBODY, and nutrition and exercise.

Far too many people are unhappy with their skin–their bodies–and I completely admit that I’m one of them from time to time! So, Good Skin Day is about to become a place for positivity and health. Please chime in if there’s something you’d like to see or share on Good Skin Day!


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