Frumpy to Fab Formula

19 Oct

I need to talk (well, blog) something out. Not really skin related, but it’s my blog, so deal with it.

I’ve been feeling kind of frumpy lately. I’ve been reading my usual fashion blogs for inspiration, but I just don’t feel like I have the clothing arsenal I need to bring the looks in my head to life. At the same time, I just don’t have the budget for new clothes right now.

On Friday, I’m going to a fashion show/fundraiser. I donated $500 worth of my Porkchop PR marketing services as a silent auction item. I am SO excited about this event, but I’m also stressing a little over what to wear. I have some cocktail dresses, but a fashion show is more than a cocktail party, you know? The style ante has been upped, so it’s time to shop my closet and get creative.

I checked out pictures from the last two events and a lot of people are wearing jeans. That would be awesome, but I’m not loving (my) jeans lately because of the fit and general look of them, so it’s gotta be a skirt or a dress.

Right now, my closet is capable of pulling together a few outfits from this formula:

dress + tights + boots or heels + blazer

Like these:


Imagine this with a Kelly green dress, black open-weave tights, and oh, I don’t know, gray patent leather heels. Also, my dress is sleeveless and it’s supposed to be kind of chilly, so I’d add a tailored black blazer:

Another option is an olive shirt dress and boots (my boots are more in the motorcycle/cowboy vein):

from (user: grayskies)

It won’t look like this, but this is the general vibe/color scheme I’m thinking.

Or my 8th grade graduation dress (if my boobs will squeeze into it– this picture is from two years ago) toughened up with those motorcycle boots, and broken up with a different belt:

Thoughts? Ideas? Opinions? HELP!!


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