Summerize Your Skin Seminar Recap

9 Aug

Remember how right before I disappeared I said I was going to a “Summerize Your Skin” seminar? Well, I did. And the host promised to email us a cheat sheet with all of the things we talked about (lots of technical, scientific information that you don’t necessarily want to take a shot at spelling), but that never happened. In the time I was waiting, I should have just posted what I learned in plain English, but oh well. (If onlys and justs were candies and nuts, then every day would be un de donkfest!)

So this lady, Kerian Bray, owner of Skin ‘n Tonic Spa and Salon in Lahaska, PA really knows her stuff. She’s been in the industry for a long time and can tell you soooo much about skin (and your skin specifically, but I’ll get to that later). She went through almost every ingredient found in sunscreens/blocks/lotions and explained them (this is where the cheat sheet would be helpful). But besides all that stuff, there are a few basic takeaways from the seminar:

1. SPF– Skin Protection Factor– is best explained this way: If you go out in the sun without protection for 5 minutes, the amount of tanning/burning is your baseline (for lack of a better word). The SPF number relates to the time and/or intensity that you are able to be out in the sun. So if you grab an SPF 30, then you can stay out in the sun 30 times longer in the EXACT SAME CONDITIONS as your baseline, or in sun that’s 30 times more intense than your 5 minute baseline (but for only 5 minutes). Questions?

2. For an SPF to work the way I described above, you have to use 1 fl. oz. for each application (and each application would have to be every 5 minutes in the latter scenario). I don’t know about you, but I don’t think I had ever used a whole ounce of sunscreen at once.

3. A white t-shirt provides an SPF of about 7. When it’s wet, about 0. So if you’re planning on using clothing to cover up, go with darker colors.

4. Be careful about endorsements on sunscreens. Kerian trusts the bottles that don the little sticker from the Skin Cancer Foundation. I was really pleased to go home and see that my Eucerin Everyday Protection face lotion had one. But I was really bummed to read the fine print on my regular sunscreen, Neutrogena’s Sensitive Skin Sunblock Lotion, which has the American Cancer Society (ACS) logo on it: “The ACS does not endorse any specific product. Neutrogena pays a royalty to the ACS for the use of its logo.” Boo. The hope is that the ACS only accepts royalties from trustworthy companies.

Besides this healthy dose of summertime skin care knowledge, I won a facial! And that was an incredibly informative experience as well. Details coming soon!


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