And We’re Back!

8 Aug

been busy lifting bridges and stuff.

So sorry for my hiatus, everyone! Things that happened during that time include: visits from out-of-towners (lovely), honeymooning (fantastic), and moving to North Carolina (so excited)! Forgive me?

Even though I was crazy busy, I was thinking about Good Skin Day an awful lot and have some ideas for posts coming up. (Any ideas or requests? Let me know in the comments!)

In the meantime, I just came across this pretty (and pretty spectacular) blog and wanted to link to a particular post: The Ultimate Guide to Making Your Period Suck Less over at Gala Darling, since there had been a pretty great response to the mention of periods in relation to our skin woes in the past. Check out #3, 5 and 7 specifically, but all of the tips are worth trying!

I went with a hat for some sun protection this summer (among other things)

In other news: Did you try a new product this summer? How did you like it? I want to hear all about what you used/are using for sun protection, burn treatment, anything! Send your reviews to goodskinday [at] gmail [dot] com.

See you again soon!


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