Product Review: NAMA Moisturizing Skin Food

26 Apr

I haven’t developed a star rating system for reviews on this blog, but if I had one, I would give the maximum amount to NAMA Moisturizing Skin Food.

This lotion is amazing. I discovered it at my yoga studio (NAMA products are mostly sold at yoga studios in addition to natural product stores and select boutiques), and instantly fell in love with the silky feel, the pepperminty scent and, most importantly, the way it made my hands look and feel! I can tell when I’ve been away from the studio for too long, because my hands get angry and crave some delicious NAMA skin food.*

I was surprised to find so many ingredients listed on the label, but I think the most important thing to note about this lotion is that it is paraben-free, sulfate-free, harsh preservative-free and artificial color-free (in other words, it doesn’t have the gross chemicals that might give you cancer or cause global warming or make Donald Trump president).

An 8 fl.oz. bottle retails for $15, and a little goes a long way. My only complaint is that on first application, the lotion can seem a little greasy. But that temporary feeling is definitely worth the longer-lasting, hydrated feeling of this magic potion.


*I work at the studio part-time and use the bottle that we keep at the front desk. I haven’t purchased a bottle for myself because I’m afraid I’ll OD on the stuff.


One Response to “Product Review: NAMA Moisturizing Skin Food”

  1. Mom April 27, 2011 at 9:30 pm #

    It is said that hands will give away a woman’s age quicker than anything else. This is really true with me. The skin on my hands is crepe like. I hate it. I spent over $30 on StriVectin-HC for the hands and I have to say it was worth every penny. I can find it for $10 at Marshalls and grab it when I see it for such a discounted price.

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