Eliminate Dry Itchy Skin from DailyMakeover.com

24 Apr

Carmindy - source unknown

Makeup artist Carmindy from What Not to Wear writes the column Positively Beautiful for DailyMakeover.com.

On April 1st, the website published this article, which addresses eczema and patches of dry skin on your face: how to deal, how to distract.

I think there’s some good advice in there. She plugs Cetaphil, which is a great gentle cleanser (though I know there have been complaints about its efficacy as a cleanser because it’s so gentle!). The Skin Restoring Moisturizer sounds pretty great: non-greasy and calms the itch!

She also plugs one of her own products (made by Sally Hansen), which makes half of me raise my eyebrows, and the other half ask, “Why the heck not?” Has anyone tried anything from Carmindy’s line? I’d love to hear what you think!

Finally, she mentions drawing attention to another part of the face. If you’ve ever watched What Not to Wear, you know that Carmindy is all about the eyes. I think this is good advice for when you have a flare-up, break-out, etc. I know that when I have a particularly unsightly rash or blemish, I usually throw on some big earrings or a crazy necklace. And if it’s on my hands, I don’t wear any crazy rings or bracelets that draw the eye towards my paws.

What do you do to detract from an unsightly rash or blemish?


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