Gimme Baubles!

9 Mar

Coco Chanel: Queen of Accessorizing

I love costume jewelry. I love fine jewelry. Hell, I love accessories. But my skin doesn’t love all of the same things I love, which can make things difficult for me from time to time.
The other day, I wore one of my favorite pieces: a long silver (silver-colored, not actual silver) locket-like necklace. The chain isn’t bulky, but it certainly isn’t dainty, either. And the piece at the bottom is kind of heavy, so the chain makes itself known on my neck….even after I take it off.
Now I have an itchy little rash that runs around my neck because the metal isn’t sterling silver or better.* While I’m tempted to switch to a necklace with a sterling silver or gold chain, I really just need to apply some hydrocortisone cream and give my skin a break.
Coming soon: I’m going to feature jewelry and accessories that are made with materials other than metal. Some examples include those bib necklaces on ribbon, leather pieces and beads. Are there any others you’d like to see on Good Skin Day?

*Better meaning better quality. I love me the look of brass, but there’s no way it’s made of metals that my skin agrees with. This usually means there’s nickel in it.


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