Extending the Olive Branch to Your Skin: DIY Makeup Remover

5 Mar

Okay! The next item I want to talk about in regards to my winter skin routine is my makeup remover.

I make it myself and I have to credit my mom on this one, because she made it first, let me try it, and then gave me the recipe. It feels amazing and only has three ingredients (which is my kind of recipe!): olive oil, castor oil and vitamin E oil.

I just dab some onto a cotton ball and wipe my makeup away! I try not to get any in my eyes, of course, but if a little gets in, it only makes my vision a little blurry for a minute or two and doesn’t sting at all. Because it’s so oily, I always wash my face after use.

Olive oil (9 parts)
-Promotes a smooth complexion
-Helps maintain skin elasticity
-Tastes good

Castor oil (1 part)
I bought a book with recipes for at-home beauty products, and castor oil is probably the most common ingredient. Most people know it as a laxative, so buying it can be kind of embarrassing (don’t assume I’m constipated or bulimic!), but it’s definitely worth having on hand. It’s an anti-inflammatory and helps hydrate the skin, so it’s great for irritation, sunburns, and wrinkles!

Vitamin E oil (a couple drops)
The point of the vitamin E is to condition my eyelashes. I wear mascara almost every day and taking it off sometimes takes my lashes with it! While this is normal, I don’t want to help it happen, so I use vitamin E!

Do you have any DIY beauty secrets you can’t live without?


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